Guest teachers

Anne-Mieke Haazen 

5 rhythms  and Open Floor teacher

I teach 5 Rhythms since 2008 and I also certified as an Open Floor teacher. With groundedness and passion, I love guiding people towards the wisdom and freedom that lives in each of us. My style of teaching is spontaneous and inspired, with warmth.

Virginia Della Valentina

5 rhythms  teacher

I have been teaching since 2014. My style of teaching is soft and spontaneous. with clarity. With the 5Rhythms map we explore different facets of our personality as well as our present state of being. We harness our resources and utilise them in service of our life.

Didier Perrouault

Movement medicine teacher

Didier Perrouault is a fully qualified Movement Medicine Teacher and has been practicing this form of meditation / mindfulness in motion since 2008. His intention is to create spaces where we can discover more of who we are and bring ourselves more fully into our daily lives. He brings presence and heart to his teaching, in Belgium, France and wherever Life brings him, under the name « Danse ta Danse ».

Marie Motais


Life Art Process

Compagnie AllunaDanse / Co-directrice Tamalpa France


Michel Wéry


5 rhythms teacher

Trained by Gabriel Roth, Michel teaches the 5Rhythms for 14 years. Extremely intuitive and with alignment to the group, Michel offers a safe container while encouraging to embrace all that you are, allowing for the magic to emerge…

Céline Robineau

Life art Process & contact dance teacher

Céline’s passion is communication. She keeps seeking ways of expressing oneself and open spaces in which danced movements, poetry, painting, and drawing combine like reflections of one another. At the moment, she works on an interspecies communication project that made her meet horses and cetaceans to learn from them their way of relating to the world. Play is a key point (CI being a tool) that share cetaceans and humans !

Katya Verbrugghe

5Rhythms Accredited & Certified Teacher

I teach the free meditative 5Rhythms wave dance since 2014 and the Heartbeat map since this year.

This precious medium of conscious dance is for me a way to sense how present I am in my body or not, to meet myself truly from within my body and heart. To listen deep to get moved authentically in connection with my feelings and emotions are. To meet and to be more and more in peace with myself and the world. An infinitive journey.


Chris Camp

5Rhythms Accredited & Certified Teacher

Since early childhood Chris has been interested in how we humans function. Over the years his interest spread out into bodywork, psychotherapy, movement and creative arts. From Zen Shiatsu to Gestalt, Improv theater, Voice Dialogue and Trauma Therapy (Somatic Experiencing), he just can’t get enough of studying and diving deeper into the healing arts.

His deepest love however is for the 5 Rhythms. Once you start to put your body into motion, you open the gateways to magic. Chris will guide you with amazing music deep into your journey of transformation.